The ISA is a non-profit, volunteer-based federation of national, regional and local slackline organizations focused on a top down coordination of efforts to promote and develop slacklining worldwide. Is your organization ready to share its voice and help protect the future of slacklining?

Types of Membership

Active Members

(aka Full Members): National organizations which are inclusive of all forms of slacklining, and have significant membership, may join as Active Members. Active Members have one delegate to the General Assembly and the right to vote on all topics presented to the General Assembly.

Associate Members

(aka Regional/Local Associations): Regional and local groups may join the ISA as Associate Members and have one delegate to the General Assembly, with the right to vote on the budget only.

Observer Members

Other organizations, slackline teams, and groups that are engaged in the study of slacklines, slackline protection or similar activities may also join. Observer Members have a delegate at the General Assembly if they wish, but without the right to vote.

External Partners

Slackline companies or other interested parties which do not fit in the above categories may join as External Partners and be involved in the General Assembly without voting rights and may choose to participate in future Commissions on specific topics (ex. Safety Commission).

Membership Fees 

All membership categories have an annual fee to cover administrative costs and support the development of the ISA. In the case of voting members, the number of individual members the organization represents determines the number of votes that organization has as well as it’s annual fee. Fee can be paid by Paypal or other method upon request.

Organizations and associations dedicated to slacklining, share your voice! Join the ISA, and help protect the future of slacklining.

International Slackline Association – Membership Rates